Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Alaska - Day Three

Quick quiz: Alaska or New Jersey?

Yeah, yeah, the title of the post (and the "Gold Rush Liquor") give it away, I know, but it's funny how wherever you go in America...there you are, at the mall. I wish I could say I were one of those folk who turn up their noses at the "sameness" of everywhere, but (whispers) I kinda like it. It's comforting somehow; I like the familar touchstones that make me feel like I'm somewhere not so different after all. I admit it: I even liked it when I saw a McDonalds in Venice, Italy last year. I didn't eat there or anything (ok, I did eat at the one in Florence), but it was a touch of home. Some might call it cultural homogeneity. Yeah, whatever. Now gimme my Big Mac and let me whip out my Sam's Club card and get a gross of toilet paper.

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