Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Alaska - Day Two

So you know the kind of jetlag that makes you say "I'm just going to hang in my dorm all day"? Yeah, that kind. I had it.

You know the kind of clients who say, "My lawyer is on vacation; first thing I'm going to do is ask her to work?"

Yeah, that kind. I have one of them (hint: touring productions!) I guess it can't be helped when you're a solo practitioner. The bright side of that is that I can now spend the weekend not in the dorm, but in a resort in the mountains...where it is supposed to rain. Because that is what it does in the Pacific Northwest.

You know the kind of students who say, "I've just been placed on academic suspension because I can't get my act together, can you please write a letter to Academic Standing to get me re-admitted NOW because I forgot to tell you about this six weeks ago?"

Yeah, that kind. I have them too. No upside there.

I did manage to get myself up and out for a few mo' today, whereupon I saw this:

For those of you without x-ray vision, that's a sign reading "Hollis French for Governor." Hollis French was my law school classmate. Dude is running for governor of the state in which I am currently residing in a dorm. I'm trying to look for some equalizer here to make me feel a bit better about my career path...oh, yeah, I don't get chased by moose.

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