Monday, July 5, 2010

Alaska Day Seven and Eight...Ok, So I Missed a Day

Let's see now...what have I learned since I last blogged?

1. Reindeer Sausage is not for everyone. They say you have to try the local delicacies, right? Check. I took a bite out of Rudolph and, well, let's just say that if you've ever had an overwhelming desire to eat a gamey tasting hot dog for your breakfast, reindeer sausage is the food of your dreams. If, like me, you've never really had that desire, you can pass on it.

2. Alaska: It's Great for Mancations. A few friends have emailed me since I've been up here saying that Alaska is where their husbands take their mancations and, yes, I can see this as a great place for a mancation. Plenty of opportunities to hunt, fish, camp, drink local beers, and burp and fart the woods without having to pin it on the nearest bear. Which brings me to my problem: despite my fantastically gender-neutral first name, I enjoy being a girl, making a few weeks in Alaska alone a bit of a problem. I could happily do all these mancation things (maybe even the farting in the woods, depending upon how many reindeer sausages had been consumed) were I with a male of the species who could teach me how to live like the Unabomber, but alone...Admission: only time I've ever fished, I was about ten, and Kristin and I were fishing off the dock of my uncle's summer house. I cried when the fish Kristin caught was bleeding, because I felt so bad for the poor fish. WHAT AM I DOING IN ALASKA? AND WHY DID I TAKE A BITE OUT OF RUDOLPH????

3. "Everybear has its own personal space." That's what they say up here. I have to take issue with that. Everybear may have its own ursinal space, but not its own personal space. (I love it - a ba-dum-dum joke that may require a quick dictionary look-up!)

4. Extreme sports, Alaska Style:

Dang, and I really wanted to pick up that thing that looked like a rocket and bring it home on the plane.

5. If it hits 60 degrees, you want to go to the lake to cool down:

6. Palmer, Alaska was founded by a group of transplanted midwestern farmers who wanted to preserve the character of the midwest in their town. The mountains don't exactly say "midwest" to me, but you have to love the Iowa-style water tower:

7. I Don't Have the Right Sensibility for Alaska: I think I am supposed to look at a mountain like this and think, "Wow! How amazing! The grandeur of nature! The beauty of the unspoiled land!"

What AM I thinking?

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