Friday, June 8, 2012

Iceberg Quest: Insert James Horner Music Here!

13,000 years. That's how old they estimate the ice in the icebergs floating down from Greenland every spring to be.  Which makes that ice older than the planet, if  you believe some new-Earth creationists, or makes that ice from the era of "humans sharing the planet with dinosaurs" if you believe some of the less-new-Earth creationists.  Me, I'm just an ordinary old Catholic, so I have no problems with the timeline of the icebergs, and "Iceberg Quest" proved that its somewhat (ok, totally) cheesy name is not false advertising.

But first, since we're talking about advertising, a brief ad from me:

These homes, along the Battery in St, John's, were among the first things we saw from the Iceberg Quest boat, or IQ for short.   They don't stink, do they? So just head on over to Kickstarter today and contribute to the "Buy Carter a Writer's Retreat on the St. John's Battery" campaign.  If you'd all be kind enough to kick in, oh, $25,000 each, that'd be great. And, as is usual for a Kickstarter campaign, I'll give you something really great in return, like an "I Helped Buy Carter a Writer's Retreat" pin. (For $50,000, I'll make it a baseball cap).

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Remember those "little" icebergs in the Atlantic, as seen from Signal Hill? These guys?

Yeah. They weren't so little:

Those pictures don't really help all that much to determine scale, I suppose, because however big they are, the Atlantic Ocean is bigger.  But this may help:

See that boat off to the right side of the image? (You may need to click to enlarge).  That's not a little dinghy or speedboat. It's a 15-foot-long fishing boat.  Yes, iceberg biiiig.

But not all icebergs are big, which brings us right back to our friend my next post. (Sorry. I'm a tease.)

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