Tuesday, June 12, 2012


It is really hard not to hear Celine Dion in your head, and to envision her chest-thumping her way through “My Heart Will Go On,” when you’re out on an iceberg tour in the North Atlantic, especially when your cell phone has a perfect signal (NOTE TO AT&T: I have had great service in Alaska and Newfoundland, but my phone doesn’t work in my office in Times Square. Something wrong with this picture?) and you can update your Facebook status with a picture of the icebergs you’re viewing, prompting your friends to respond as follows:

“It's April 15, 1912 all over again.”
“Titanic, anyone?”
“Your heart will go on, Carter... And Celine will thump her chest for you...”

They are so concerned about my safety, it’s heartwarming. But speaking of Celine…

This little guy is what they call a “Growler.”  Awww…cute little iceberg, right?

Not so much.  In the words of Captain Barry Rogers of Iceberg Quest DSV:  “Now that berg is what we call a growler. Growlers are the most dangerous kind of ice there is, because it’s hard to pick them up on radar, and growlers live mostly beneath the surface.  You hit a growler at night, it’s like hitting a brick wall, and that’s what we believe took down the Titanic.”

Near….far….whereEEEEEEEVVVVEERR you are…              

It was definitely time to go below deck for a drink.

That, my friends, is Newfoundland Screech (aka really, really tasty local Rum) and Coke. 

The ice? A piece of the growler that one of the crew hacked off so we could use it in our drinks. 

Iceberg Quest: 1, Growler: 0.

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