Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sorry about the missed day, ye faithful readers.  I had a good excuse:


Maybe it's not such a good excuse, actually, because nobody won the Stanley Cup last night, but I took the night off to watch hockey, which seems somehow appropriate when writing about Canada.  Oh, and while watching the game, I was crocheting with yarn I bought in Newfoundland. So really, I was still on-topic.

I am embarrassed to admit how much I spent on that yarn, because I'm usually a "buy-the-no-dye-lot-acrylic-and-make-a-blanket" kind of girl.  But I found this yarn at the Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador.  They have quite a few of these publicly-run shops scattered about the province (New York State Council on the Arts, are you listening???), and they are dangerous in the extreme, meaning you will exit with a substantially lighter wallet.  Some of the pottery and glasswork was screaming my name, but fortunately I didn't have a way to get it home easily.  Some of the jewelry was also screaming my name, but then I saw that it was made in Ontario and decided it would have to wait for a trip to...right, Ontario.  So I defaulted to yarn.  But not just any yarn.  It's a hand-dyed, hand-spun knitting yarn with several different types of fibres (Canadian spelling!)/wools woven together, and it is soon to be a hand-dyed, hand-spun multicolored scarf for next winter (I couldn't wait to get at it, so I'm going to be ready for winter before I'm ready for summer).   The embarrassing admission?

I spent $70 on two skeins of yarn. Yipes. I am going to have to make about five Project Linus blankets in penance for spending that much on yarn.

But it's amazingly beautiful:

Actually, I just found the fibre artist who makes this yarn on the web.  She's here, her yarn is amazing, and I'm completely and utterly happy I spent that much on her yarn.

If the Cup Final goes a few more games, the scarf may actually be finished before my blogging about the trip.

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